My pages are acting like posts - please help!

Hi there,

My pages seem to be acting like posts! There is a header with the menu title above my page content (with the same title as my page title), the date of ‘page creation’ and the author!

I do not wish to display a duplicate title heading above my page title & content, or the date or author. I would just like it to display as a normal, static page.

I have it categorized as a ‘page’, and it is in my ‘pages’ section of wordpress. All my pages act like this. Is it a global setting I have messed up? Please help, I have tried everything.

Also, on another note, when I use the ‘Homepage editor’ my homepage looks great. But the published, and live version of this does not render the same!

My website is

Please let me know what I am doing wrong.



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Having the same problem–pages being governed by settings in the customizer blog settings. Eg. Titles appear/disappear depending on whether this option is selected for individual posts. Dates also showing (but I used the CSS script offered in 2018 to get rid of them.

Hey there

Make sure you have selected your blog page from Settings > Reading