My pictures are not displayed.

My pictures are not displayed. I have all try. I do not understand why it does not work. Yet when I click in “media library” my images appear and exists in my FTP. But when I want to publish an article nothing appears, I can not even find my pictures when I want to download one in an article and I can put no image forward.
When I do “preview changes” an error page displays “400 Bad Request”.
Help me please

My website :

Hi @sarah91,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Please make sure you have set featured image in the post as described in this page

Also please share me your permalink settings screen screenshot so that i can troubleshoot it.

Best Regards,

This is what I did, but I have no images and images that its the library does not display as if there was nothing. Nothing loads

I changed the theme by passing on the parent theme: “Activello” and the images are displayed. But when I reset my child theme, the images are not displayed. The problem is therefore related to my child theme but I do not know where the problem comes from. Images do not want to load. I am completely lost :frowning:

Could you please share me your child theme so that i can troubleshoot the issue on my test site?