My Text throughout the theme is too light to be read, please help?

I love Shapely, thank you so much for creating it, and I have used Shapely on another blog sucessfully.
I am trying to use it again now.

I want to make 3 changes please.

I am making very few design changes from the original Demo-type install
but this time I have 2 problems that I didn’t have the first time I installed Shapely in Sep 2018

  1. the sections “What Our Customers Say” and “Projects” from the Demo aren’t there on my installed theme’s Front Page.
    How do I insert them please?

  2. All the Body Copy text throughout the site (including on Front Page) is an extremely light grey, so light that against a white background it’s almost invisible. I want to change that - except on all the Image overlay text which I’d like to keep as the Default setting of White - to a very Dark Grey, not quite black but a kind of smokey charcoal grey color.

Capture: 2.jpg attached shows the problem

  1. A Request. Throughout the Front Page I want to make the text in the 2nd field quite a bit larger.
    I attach Capture: 4.jpg
    which is how it looks now,
    and font-size-desired.jpg
    a mock-up of how I’d like it to look (done in Paint).

  2. 2nd Request. The Default Font looks very nice, IMHO, however Numbers are hard to read in that font.
    Throughout the site, I would like Numbers to be in a different easy-read font - preferably Lucida Sans - and Bolded.
    To illustrate, I have made that change to [ $7 ] in the attached mockup: font-size-desired.jpg
    How do I make that change please?
    If I cannot change just Numbers, then how do I change the Default Font to either Lucida Sans or a similar, easy-read-numbers font, please?

Many thanks for your help

I agree. I cannot believe there is no easy spot to change the default text color, sitewide. There are color controls for the header and other elements, but not body copy?

Please let me know how to change this, without having to go page-by-page and change it at the posting level.