Nav color css

I’m trying to apply specific colors to specific nav menu items. I just need help with the css path to put in my theme options. Thanks.

ok, so which colors and which menu items are you looking to change @Brainchild?

Right click on the menu item you’re wanting to change, then click ‘inspect element’. Like this:

See that code down there:
Now, pick a color 'ya like:
Now copy (literally drag your mouse over it) and copy that code:
Be sure to copy from the beginning period down to the closing curly bracket
Now, paste your new code:

.navbar-default .navbar-nav .current-menu-ancestor a.dropdown-toggle {
    color: #01FD16;

into your child’s style.css file
You can “lather, rinse, repeat” that same process for almost any element in the theme.