Nav Menu Title Attribute Issue

I’m adding Glyphicons to my menu. As the documentation states, I am adding the icons in the Title Attribute.

I want to have a two line menu, but the output of the title attribute is including the html. In the attached pics, the title should read “Ghost Lake Quiet Lakes”. Not Ghost Lake<br> <span>Quiet Lakes</span>.

If I remove the <br> and <span> then the title reads “Ghost Lake Quiet Lakes”. But I need the <br> and <span> to create a second line, and style it.

Below is the code it is outputting. TIA

<a title="History<br><span>About Us</span>" href="/our-history/"><span class="fa fa-history"></span>&nbsp;History<br><span>About Us</span></a>

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I think HTML tags are not allowed on the menu and that’s the reason why the output contains HTML tags
Can I see the website? please provide URL and I will take a look

I don’t have a url yet, It’s currently on a localhost

If html tags are not allowed on the menu, then how would you suggest creating a multi line navigation?

You can resolve this nav menu title attribute issue by using the attached custom child theme of Sparkling theme that contains some custom code.

@Movin THANK YOU!!!
That worked perfectly! :smiley:

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Nice, to hear your problem is fixed:) thanks to Movin :slight_smile:

Now I will now close the topic and mark it as resolved. Feel free to contact us again Thanks!