NavBar Cart 'Widget'

Is there a possibility to make the shopping cart update/refresh after adding a product to the cart? in a AJAX way like the woocommerce widget does.

I am referring to the cart displayed in the navigation menu. It updates when the page changes, but not when a customer adds one, or multiple, items to their cart. It would be great to have it update! I put a pic of the issue im having. It just doesnt look good… Doesnt look finished. haha

Hi @jhamilt327,

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You can try achieving this by using the following plugins.

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Neither of them get the BUILT IN functionality of the Nav Bar Cart in Unite to ajax update, Are you sure there isnt an alternative method? I like the cart as it looks, just wish it would update automatically.

Yes those plugins provide alternate shopping cart menu which supports ajax update.

If you want to do this with existing shopping cart menu then you have to develop custom code.