navbar dropdown-toggle link doesn't work on mobile devices

When clicked on a mobile device, the parent link of the dropdown navbar menu shows the hidden children links, but the parent is no longer clickable.

What is the fix or workaround for this issue? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

So, after researching similar issues, and their possibly solutions (like editing the bootstrap.min.js) to no avail, i decided to try writing my own Jquery work-around. Screen-grab is pasted below because i wasn’t not allowed to paste code, please feel free to use it or improve upon it.

Basically it clones the parent LI, removes the UL.dropdown and a few classes from the LI and A HREF. Then it takes the title attribute and makes that the cloned HREF attr.

Awesome great to see you got that resolved and thanks for sharing the solution in the forum.

Please advise if you have more questions.

Have a fantastic day!

Thanks Movin!

I’d consider my solution a work-around only, it isn’t very elegant :slight_smile:

Actually it is the limitation of bootstrap framework that this theme uses so you have to use workaround solution. please see the detailed reply posted in the following topic regarding this.