Navigation Bar Alignment Issue on Homepage

Hello Colorlib Support Community,

I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve been working on my website using a Colorlib theme, and I’ve encountered an issue with the navigation bar alignment specifically on the homepage.

The Problem: On the homepage, the navigation bar seems to be misaligned or not displaying as expected. The links are not properly spaced or centered, causing a visual inconsistency that affects the overall user experience. I’ve tried adjusting the theme settings and custom CSS, but I haven’t been able to resolve the issue.

Steps Taken to Resolve:

  1. Checked the theme documentation for guidance.
  2. Experimented with custom CSS to adjust the alignment.
  3. Reviewed Colorlib forums for similar issues and possible solutions.

Unfortunately, none of the above steps have provided a solution to the problem. I would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions from the community on how to fix this navigation bar alignment issue specifically on the homepage.

Any assistance or guidance you can offer will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support!

Hey @benstokes

Can you please provide a direct link to the page and screenshot of the issues?
Will try my best to help you.