Navigation bar position change


Could you please help me with changing the position of the navigation bar in the Activello theme?
I would like it to be directly above my slider but below the logo title of the website.

Would that change be possible?

Can I do it in a these code somehow? Or is there a plugin that would help?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Best Regards,

Hi Wiola,

Create a child theme, if you don’t use one Child Themes « WordPress Codex

After that use this header.php ( unzip it, and upload that to your child theme ), it will swap the position like you need. :slight_smile:

Let us know,


Thank you so much!

Before receiving your response, I added this to the additional CSS section and it worked for me…

nav.navbar.navbar-default {
    width: 100%;
    margin-bottom: -60px;
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;

but in case I loose my effects, I will do it your way.

Thank you very much for your help, I appreciate it a lot!


You are always welcome here :slight_smile:

Please advise if you have more questions.

Have a fantastic day!