Navigation in ILLDY theme

I have customized and launched my website [ ] using Illdy. I like the theme very much and found it fairly easy to use but the feedback I have received from clients and colleagues confirms a concern that I had regarding the navigation.
As per the demo, I have used an anchor point menu. To establish this, I simply put in “#section” as URL for everything but “home” (which has the full site address followed by “#home”).
[NOTE: I found that putting in the full address of the site, followed by #section, as the URL in the menu didn’t work. No matter where I was coming from (top of the landing page, a call out page, or a news item) it caused the site to completely re-load & I always either arrived back at the top of the landing page (not at the section) or I went nowhere at all.]
This anchor point menu, however, is problematic when site visitors go from the scroll down landing page to a sub-page: either (1) a call out page from my “About” section, or (2) a News post. Because the menu sticks and is therefore visible on these sub-pages, people expect it to work but the only one that takes them anywhere is “Home”.
My Question: Is there some way of getting around this?
Can I set up the anchor point menu differently so that is zips me straight to the section from the top of the landing page (without re-loading the site) but also works from sub-pages?
Alternatively, would it be possible to create a secondary menu on the sub-pages that sends me back to the desired section on the landing page and possibly even allows for direct navigation from one sub-page to another?
What other suggestions might you have?
Many thanks, I look forward to your reply.


The menu items should be setted up like this, via a Custom Links item in Dashboard > Appearances > Menus:

Let me know if this did the trick and if there’s anything else I might miss.



The menu items should be setted up like this, via a Custom Links item in Dashboard > Appearances > Menus:

Let me know if this did the trick and if there’s anything else I might have missed.


Many thanks but I am afraid that this doesn’t work.
What happens with the menu you propose is that: Firstly, you arrive at the website on the (scroll down) landing page at the top where the feature image and menu are located; then, no matter what you select from the menu, the whole page re-loads and you arrive at exactly the same place - NOT at the selected section. The same thing happens if you are on a sub-page and select a menu item other than “Home”- you arrive at the top of the landing page even if you selected “Testimonials”.
[I notice that on the forum someone else has recently pointed out the same problem.]

When I first set up the anchor point menu with custom links I did as you have suggested above (& as per the info that I gleaned from this forum) but when it didn’t work I began experimenting and found that the only way I could get it to work was to completely leave out the website address and just put in “#section” as my custom link. With these custom links the menu works perfectly - and you zap direct to your selected section with no re-load - so long as you stay on the landing page. Unfortunately, once you leave the landing page the only menu item that works is “Home” which IS set up as you have suggested above.

So that you can see for yourself what I mean, I have left the page with the menu set up in the way you suggest. It is a working business website however and I need to change it back fairly quickly (8.00 am Australian EST).

Thank you for the help so far, but do you have any more suggestions?

Hi again,
I had another look at the other thread discussing the same problem with the Illdy navigation. I tried doing as that participant suggested - i.e. changing the link from the full URL/#section to just the #section and then changing it back to the full URL/#section - but that didn’t work for me at all. The problem remained the same.
When I say “full URL” I mean
Could I be doing something wrong here?

I look forward to your reply.

Many thanks

BTW, I have been doing all of the above in the theme customizer. Should I be doing is somewhere else?
Regards, Barbara.

Hello Barbara,

This is really strange, maybe you are doing the modifications on a menu that is not the Primary Menu?

Try deleting the extra http and www from the link:

If nothing works, please provide me temporary admin dashboard via a private message and I’ll do my best to fix it myself.


Hello support,
I believe I have now tried every possible variation of the URL for the custom link - with & without either & both the http:// and www. - including the version you suggest in your last response. I have tried these variations in both the WP Dashboard and the Theme Customiser. I have tried and tested them on both individual Sections and on a full menu change.
Unfortunately, none of them work in the way I understand they are supposed to. Either nothing happens when I select a Section on the Menu OR the whole page re-loads and I arrive at back at the jumbotron (not at the Section).
I have checked the Menu location on both the WP Dashboard and the Customiser. In both places the Primary Menu box is ticked and the Primary Menu field shows “Anchor Point Menu - Illdy”

I do notice - browsing this forum - that I am not using the current update of the Theme. Perhaps if you could please send me a link to the latest version I could update and try again!

I would, of course, also be interested in any other possible solutions you may have thought of in the meantime. P

[PLEASE NOTE: For the purpose of the site being functional I have returned the menu to the completely stripped back “#Section” version.]

If all else fails I guess I would like you to have a look.

Regards, Barbara.

Hello Barbara, here you can find the latest file, it might be the issue here:

It really gets over my head that by adding in a custom link menu it’s not working as expected.

Please kindly provide me temporary admin dashboard access via a private message and I’ll track the issue down.


Hello again.
Well, I installed the latest version and tried everything all over again - putting in the custom menu - and it still doesn’t work. It actually does nothing! [NOTE: the http:// bit gets unavoidably added on by either WP or the Illdy theme itself.]
When I also put in the www. and select a section from the menu the site responds by completely re-loading but then takes me nowhere - I arrive back at the jumbotron and main menu.

Anyway, it would be great if you could go in and have a look.
User Name: barbara
Temporary P’word: 0pen$@ME1wee%

Many thanks. I hope you can solve it for me.

Hello Barbara,

Thank you for the temporary access, it greatly helped.

You were using only the section ID #about, #projects, etc. while I repeatedly pointed to use the full website link:

Please have a look on the website, everything should be working as expected.

Have a great weekend!

Hello KM,

Many thanks. I will indeed have a great weekend knowing that I can move on to the next phase of advertising my website with the navigation working as it should.

PLEASE do not think that I did not try your advice to use the full website link. As you can see from my earlier posts, I tried on at least four (4) occasions: when I first customized the site; when feedback made it clear to me that half working navigation was not good enough; when you suggested it the first time; then again after I had done the theme upgrade.

I still don’t understand what it was that I was doing wrong, but it was not for lack of trying.
The reason you found the links set as #sectionID - when you went in to the site - is that this was the only thing I could get to do anything. I figured that a half working navigation was better than a zero-working navigation and so had changed the links back to this after trying to follow your suggestion.

Anyway, it works now so thank you once again. Hopefully I will not need to bother you any further. [Although, as you have probably understood, I am a novice at this so there is a good chance I will.]

Regards, Barbara.

Hello Barbara,

No needs to worry, stranger things have happened.
I’m glad that everything turned out ok and got the menu fixed.

Feel free to message me anytime!



I’ve got the same problem. The navigation menu doesn’t work but reading all related posts I discovered that I’d been writting but now I didn’t used http:// and all it’s ok!!!

I’m happy now :slight_smile:

That’s great news, I’m happy that you got everything sorted alright!

I’m glad that you got it sorted. I was going to mention that I did discover that my navigation didn’t work properly when I was “IN” the site. i.e. when I was in the customizer or on the WP dashboard anywhere. I think this was why I thought that the navigation didn’t work at all and didn’t understand why it suddenly worked when the K’master did what I had done many times over with no success.

Hello, I’ve just started to put together my site as well and have the same problem.

I can not get the menu to go to the right page at all. It’s very frustrating.

Can you help please? The custom link doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried the suggestions on this thread.

Thank you



Very true Barbara! (username:barbarasydney)

You have to be out of customizer mode and view the site to see the navigation work… I am doing the development locally i.e. the site is being hosted on my laptop.
I kept wondering what I was doing wrong. Your post and replies really helped!! So thanks :slight_smile:

P.S. I viewed your site …i think you used the theme really well!