Navigation is broken after update 2.4.9


You can use this css code to fix it:

.navbar-fixed-bottom .navbar-collapse, .navbar-fixed-top .navbar-collapse {
    max-height: initial !important;

Hi there,
Thanks very much. That worked very well so far, I then adjusted the rest. However, the submenu now only opens sporadically. Often not, then again when you click on it several times with your finger. With the mouse and click no problem, but with the finger it doesn’t work smoothly. In my original, no matter where, I can click on the height of the parent menu and the submenu opens immediately. This is not the case at the moment after the update. Right now, i see that on the desktop the menu doesn’t always close, when I click on it again. I need help again please Thank you very much.

I’m just seeing, that the menu no longer closes by itself, when I move away with the mouse.

Hi @Gisela

hm, strange, checking it and it works normally now?

hm, no…
I have now found out what the problem is. On mobile, the submenu only opens if I click exactly on the top of the drop down tongle. But that’s extremely difficult to do by hand, on a cell phone or tablet. On the desktop, the submenu opens no matter where I click in the parent menu. How to solve the problem? I have attached a video for you.
Hm, I can’t upload a video here, please follow the link.
Thank you.
Regards Gisela

Hi there, can someone help me please? That would be great. A heartfelt thank you. Regards