Navigation menu on blog


I have set up navigation menu for my website ( but it not appears on my blog section.
How can I have the same navigation menu of my website (like on the homepage or others pages) on my blog section ?

Thanks you !


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The navigation should be the same on the entire website. Please go to the WP admin panel > Dashboard > Updates then install all pending updates and let me know if that helped any.

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Thank you for your answer but,
I have install all updates but I still haven’t navigation menu on my blog…

I think all my blog is bugged :
Like you can see on the screenshot of my blog index (in the attachments), my “WP black menu at the top” is empty.
(the blog :

And sorry for double posts.

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You are using this css on your website,

/minimal blog CSS/
.blog .entry-meta, .blog li, .blog p{
border: solid 2px;

most probably its in customizer > additional css, please remove it

Thanks it works !

:wink: let me know if you need anything else