(nearly)everything is gone

i build up a website in shapely years ago(2018) and now it i cant find the Content i had created on the website.

the only things wich are left are 1 Portfolio and a contactform

someone have a idea what to do

hey there

Sorry about that,
WordPress theme can’t damage your website content, it’s not possible to delete posts, portfolios, pages, etc, your problem needs deeper investigation, check if you can restore a backup from your hosting account


Thank you for the anwser

The frontpagetheme is shapley
on the frontpage, the content wich was created in the customizer is not there. there are only the Portfolio and a contactform, but there was more: Text, slider, etc

Hi Toga

Most probably something happened on your website, from what I know Wpthemes cant change or delete the content, I can’t say anything without checking the problem