Need Customization help

my site is I am facing issues and need support in below points

  1. The top header has email id and and search bar and cart buttons, and I dont see option to edit these text on top header, so I have disabled for now, guide me please.

  2. The 2nd top header with logo and banner has no option to increase the size of logo, it takes default size of logo which is too small and logo looks blurr.

  3. There is no option to change the color, I mean the added colors are only way to use and I cant choose my color.

  4. The sale tag in the images for the sale products, can I remove the tag of sale on the images and still put sale price.

I understand the css has options to make changes and customise the theme, but I dont want to disturb it and want them to be manageble at admin level. if not possible, then guide me through files and codes i need to change for above points.

hi there

first of all, not everything can be managed from the admin panel, that’s not possible and that’s why custom CSS box exist in customization panel

  1. can be managed from appearance > customize
  2. all possible options are in the appearance > customize unfortunately no option to set custom sizes for mentioned elements, at this moment there is no logo added and i can’t say anything about the logo, the banner image looks normal
  3. again, all possible options are in the customize tab, yes, there is no reach option to manage colors but main accent color can be changed, without css changes you cant do this,
  4. where can i see sales product? they are not on homepage nor on shop page