Need help! I can´t change de background image and colors on Jumbotron Section

The options to change it, have dissapeared.
Before, I could do it, but no now. What is happening?

Las opciones para cambiar los colores y la imagen de fondo, han desaparecido. Pincho en las pestañitas de colors and Background y no me sale nada. Anteriormente lo he podido cambiar. Alguien sabe qué puede estar pasando?

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Please go to Appearance > Customize > Jumbotron then scroll down and there should be 2 tabs called Background and Color, these would allow you to change the color and the background image.

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Good Morning,
I still can not change it.
I send you a screenshot so you can see where I’m trying to change it. When clicking on the tab, nothing comes out.
Please help!!!

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Thanks for that information.

Please try disabling any third party plugins that were not bundled with the theme as one of them may be causing a conflict with the theme customization options.

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Thanks but I’m not sure how I can do this …

I’m facing the same issue. I also deactivated the plugins but its option is not visible for changing Text and Hero Image.

Please Help


Could you be more specific and tell us what kind of action we have been able to do to disable these options?

Please help!!!


Please, I need a solution. If I can not change the cover photo or the background colors, I would have to change the template. And I’ve been working on this for a long time.
I’ve disabled all plugins and it still does not work.
Please, a solution!

Another subject:
In the contact section, I can not access the “General” and “Details” tabs.

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Please go to the WordPress admin panel then go to Dashboard > Updates and ensure that you have installed all pending updates that are available.

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I think I have deleted some plugin or play something disastrous… Could you tell me what plugins are necessary for the good functioning of Illdy?
These are the ones that I have at the moment:
1 & 1 WP Assistant
-Contact Form 7
-FancyBox for WordPress
-Illdy Companion
-Kiwi Social Share - Social Media Share Buttons & Icons
-Page Builder by SiteOrigin
-Simple Custom Post Order
-Under Construction

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Try disabling Page Builder by Site Origin,
The home page uses custom widgets and may cause conflict with page builders.

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Good morning!

This is not the problem. I have eliminated it and I continue with the same difficulties
What I can do?
I dont know if you can delete the template and re-download it without losing the changes. The case is that I have almost finished and I just wanted to change the cover photo and some color.

Thanks in advance

any other suggestions?

Hello @evuta2,

The following plugins are required by the plugin but if you accidentally deleted one of them then they can be reinstalled easily:

Illdy Companion
Contact 7

Another option is to use the following plugin to clear your WordPress cache:

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