Need help in understanding the image resolution for blog section on Home Page

My website is

Need help with the following:

  1. The thumbnail images for the featured images of blog post get blurred on home page. What should I do to fix them?
  2. The featured image and slider is not responsive on phone. What should I do?

Quick help wold be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hello there,

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1 You need to ensure that the image you have used is a high resolution image for the post featured images.

2 What mobile device are you using to test this?

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Hi, It went responsive for a while and its back to square one! Could anyone help?

Or if, can anyone help me witrh the image resolution for Slider and featured images? The website is


hey there

Not clearly understand your last replies, we need clear description of the problem with the screenshot from mobile, i just browsed your website and cant see anything you described, images are clear without blurry, the slider is working as intended :slight_smile: