Need Help with Mobile & with Author/Date on Pages also just updated and broke


I have started creating a website for my wife at I am having three issues with the Shapely Theme:

1 - When I visit the website from any mobile phone I get a stripped down “mobile version” of the site that doesn’t display the content. I don’t even want this to show because the Shapely theme is designed as responsive anyway - the site looks good on mobile, but only way I can access is by clicking “view full site” I then get the responsive design. Any idea how to make sure this does not happen and just always shows full site on mobile?

2 - When you go to many pages like and it shows the date and author - I only want that to show on blog posts - but can’t seem to find any way to remove this from pages.

3 - Also I just did an update to the theme and the whole front page now stopped working… now the front page is just blank even though has a bunch of sections setup.


Sorry for a late in response.

  1. Did you have JetPack “Mobile Theme” module turned on? If so, can you try to deactivate that and see that fix the issue?
  2. I didn’t saw the author and the date in the pages atm, did you able to fix it? As far as I know, there won’t be a page meta like the author, date, etc., in the pages.
  3. I see the front page working now, maybe that is cause by the memory, can you try to increase it, Editing wp-config.php « WordPress Codex

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