Need help with my fashe theme. The top bar color

Hello there, just need help here.
I’m using the feche theme. and here’s the site:
I need to change the color of the top bar from orange to green.
Also, when scroll down the site, the navigation bar needs a background color.
but i don’t know how to make it.
Any help is appreciated!


I hope you are doing well today.

Could you please provide the password for us to see the site?

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Hi, do we have to provide the password here (in public)?
also, we’d like to know that can we change the way to show the pictures on the product page?
Like all the photo we uploaded will be shown at the left in the product page, but can we change it like a slide style one? (please check the attached photo)

And also, if the color here can be replaced to the product photo?
Thank you so much for your help!

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you can use “Set as private reply” checkmark under message box for private replies
Unfortunately, there is no option to change the photo layout of the product without template modification

Hello thank you so much for the help!
here’s the password: [email protected]
and our site is:
Again, thank you so much for the help!


I hope you are doing well today.

The password is not working, is this the correct password [email protected] ?

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Hello yes
The password is correct.
the site is :

Hey there

Password incorrect, please try again.

please double check your password

Hello, there,
I’m so sorry. The password is : ahggia
Please check again.
Thank you so much.

You can use these css codes to change styles:

.bg0.pos-relative {
background: green;
.show-fixed-header2 {
background: white;

P.s. sticky navigation bg color is already white for me

Hello Noda,
Thanks so much.
But still want to know that if the color of the buttons on the slides or other banners can be changed?
Like it’s white - orange now, but i’d like to change them to write- green.

Good morning

Yes, you can use this code:

.hov1:hover {
background-color: green;
color: white;

It totally worked! Thank you so much Noda!

Hello Noda.
Is it possible to build the template modification to change the photo layout?


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Changing the layout would require the aid of a third party developer to implement the changes to the layout, one of which you can find here:

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Hello. Thanks for the reply.
But the link you sent is not working.

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it is about this link:

Thank you Noda.
One more question, can I add the social media button in product page & blog page? So customers can share the page to their social media accounts?
Again, thank you so much.

Good morning Brian

Dear everything is possible but if this is not included in the theme functions then you need to check

  1. Shopify apps or
  2. find someone who can code this custom functions for you