Need help with the header - background image for header area + logo

I am trying to have both the header text and the header image show at the same time.

I followed the instruction found in the following post, and added the custom CSS provided there.

Now, only the top half of the header image and the title is visible. I need the entire image and the tagline to show as well.

Please see the issue at

First start by adding your logo via Appearance >> Theme Options >> Main Options >> >> Header Options >> Header Logo. Right now you have set to use logo but haven’t selected one to be used as it is not printed in website source and returns broken image link instead.

Once you are done with that part, please notify me again and will help you to adjust header height to make entire header image visible.

Header Logo not displaying after selecting “header Logo only” option


Make sure that you have an URL in place for your logo and that field looks like this:

If there is no URL to your image then no logo will be displayed.