Need Invoice

Hi support team,

I have bought All Template License [ 3PD6…842U ]
on 2nd week of July 2019

Yet I didn’t get any invoice from ColorLib.

Could you please send me the invoice according to my company.

Origin Software and Solution Co.,Ltd.
99/529 M.2 Namdang-Bangplee Rd. T.Bangpleeyai
A.Bangplee, Samutprakarn 10540 Thailand.
Tax ID: 0115559011133

Thank you.


Hey there

You can download an invoice from your Paypal account :slight_smile:
let me know if this helped

I can’t find any invoices in my PayPal account.

It probably paid by direct credit card.

Could you please send me invoice from Colorlib company?

Good morning

Ok, I’ve sent this ticket to Aigars and he will send an invoice for you

Good morning, Noda

Thank you for your help.

Today, Thu 8 Aug, I haven’t got any invoice yet.

How long does it usually take for doing invoice?

Sorry to bother you again.

Good morning

Sorry about delay :frowning:
Aigars is currently in vacation and until 15 Aug he cants answer on messages :frowning: please try to print an invoice from the PayPal, it has the option to print any payment


As I have told, I can’t find any invoice in PayPal.

It should pay by direct credit card.

So I will be waiting for Aigars.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Thank you for understanding, if it’s not urgent then we can send it once Aigars come back