Need to make main header text mobile responsive


I am really struggling to make my main header text mobile responsive. Currently I have longish words in the header, which means words are being cut in two when viewed on smaller mobile screens.

I have tried a few CSS code tweaks that I found on this forum but nothing has worked so far. Please help me.

Love the theme but want to sort out the issue.

My url is

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Hi Megan,

Currently it looks like this in mobile view: or Can you explain how you want on the mobile, so that I can give you a CSS way to fix that?

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Hi Laranz
Thanks for getting back to me.

I would like the jumbotron image to be responsive so as to fit and look great on mobile screen sizes. Currently it is blurry and pixelated and looks terrible because it is not adjusting to the smaller screen size.Please help me do this?

If this is not possible, then is there any way that I can add CSS code that removes the jumbotron image when my website is viewed by mobile phones, and instead show a simple logo?

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