Need to solve this problem ASAP - defected files in download

I recently paid $19 (this month in December) downloaded Landerz Template.
The fact is that once I started to work on this template I notice that the files are all greens in the folder.
When I want to copy to another disk (the template of ZIP folder that I downloaded from your website) the files are not copied and I can’t remove the file’s color green and it also have a lock to not allow to copy them to another USB-memory stick or whathever new space.

How I am suppose to use this Template if I am not even able to upload it to the server??
It is because the download folder ZIP is locked??? If so, why I cannot download the one I paid for?

Hey there

Most probably this is depending on your Operating system and PC device you are using, our template is only HTML template files, CSS, and JS, they don’t have any permission settings (this is even not possible)
Please check your device setup