new image dimensions at homepage, feature image as gallery....


pls tell me what featured image size would be perfect for new posts after update. I used to crop them to 770x370 and all worked fine, but now they seems to be a little bit blurry…
pls take a look at:

And it is possibe to have an image gallery or vertical image as featured one on homepage?:slight_smile: First post with full size image and rest as thumbnails…

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  1. There are the five image sizes we use,
'activello-featured' => 1170 x 550
'activello-slider' => 1920 x 550
'activello-thumbnail' => 330 x 220
'activello-medium' => 640 x 480
'activello-big' => 710 x 335

I suggest you to upload the best image you have, so that WordPress can automatically create thumbnail for the required size.

  1. For now two posts shows big thumbs and then the rest will show thumbnails , what are you trying to change, can you give us a screenshot or an example, so that we can help you if that is possible.

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Thank you! I will try to upload full image with the next post:)

and what about gallery as first feature image, pls take a look at example from beautiful German travel page,
do you think it would be possible with Activello?
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