new image with parralax widget not possible

Hi there,

I want to change an image which is used with a parallax widget on on my starting webpage Its the (now missing) image beside “Die nächsten Konzerte auf der KuKuK Terrasse”. I’ve done thes kind of image updates several times, allways no problems.

But now the choosen Image" from my media library does not appear on the page, nothing happens. The image sector stays empty, no image anymore?! I try the same procedere with a new parralax widget just to test if this special widget is defect but its the same, no image appears after choosing from the media library.

Any idea about what’s causing this misbehavior? Every hint is very much welcome!!

Shapely Version: 1.2.8 / WordPress 5.4.2 / same behavior in different browsers (Chrome/Firefox/Safari) / MacOS 10.15.5

Hi there

ok, I will check it, please use this plugin to create temporary access for us, its automatic login link and does not requires sharing your admin details. here is How To guide. at the and don’t forget about  “Set as private reply” at the bottom of the message box


Thank you Noda, here’s the link for admin access:

Hey there

Yes, I see, try these things, 1. try to rebuild this widget from scratch 2. you have many plugins activated, most probably one of third party plugin is causing this problem, can you please deactivate all your plugins?

let me know results