new issue with Attachment pages (Sparkling 1.9.1)

Hi - A little while back I reported an issue with how the Back/Next buttons were displayed on Attachment Pages, and you provided some “extra CSS” code to work around the issue. That worked fine!

Unfortunately, now that I’ve upgraded to 1.9.1, there’s a new issue. The buttons are still there, and the right size/shape, but they contain code. Is there a workaround for this?

Thanks again!

This update didn’t address bug in attachment pages that you reported earlier because it took 3 weeks for WordPress team to approve previous version and one is already under review that will fix this and previously reported bug. But again it might take 3 weeks or so.

Meanwhile you can download fixed version from Github. The only file you need to take from Github is image.php

Sorry for inconvenience.

Thanks, Aigars! I wasn’t complaining about the previous error not being updated yet (the workaround provided here is working fine :slight_smile: ). I’m actually more concerned about the new error that started with the 1.9.1 update, where the buttons now contain code.

Anyway I have replaced the image.php with the new one you suggested from Github, and it has resolved the new issue (code displayed in buttons), but not the original issue (wide buttons spanning the page width). However the original workaround (the extra CSS) is still working to address the wide buttons, so both issues are resolved now :).

Thanks again, really appreciate the support you provide here! I agree with the previous poster who suggested if there were a way to contribute $$ for the support we provide, I’d do so too.


Thank you for your feedback!

To replace original bug you had earlier you also had to replace style.css file where the updated CSS is but don’t worry about that as it will come as automated update. Just keep that Custom CSS that you have now and 1.9.2 will take care of the rest :slight_smile:

If you find any other problem with this theme please let us know and we will take care of it.

If you feel like donating to contribute to theme development the best way to do is via PayPal where my ID is . Any donation is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Thanks again Aigars!

Thank you for your contribution! I highly appreciate it!

Let me know if there is anything else we can help you with.

Thank you!