New look after update

Dear developers,
I had to update Shapely but, unfortunately, I noticed the new look of the menu and the fact that now the Raleway font is extensively used. I also noticed the ticker fonts in titles. I do absolutely prefer the old look (e.g. child levels in menus were uppercase, etc.). Is there a way to revert back to the old style while keeping all other updates? Or should I perform a meld between the old and the new CSS file?

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Unfortunately there isn’t, as the theme design is subject to change according to the developer.
What you can do is try rolling back to the previous version of the theme using this plugin.

You can then create a local site, using Local FlyWheel for example and test the update there, and make your modifications.

I hope this helps.

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Rolling back to 1.1.2 worked well for my site @

Such a shame that it’ll mean a fork from now on… :frowning:

Hi @jouni & @gtuveri,

If you list the things you guys missing with a list and a screenshot about the issue, so that I can check what I can do. If it is easy for Custom CSS, we can provide you that.

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