New Mobile Usability issues detected for site

Dear all,
I’m using this theme and I’m very happy about it , today I received the following notification from Google Console:
Error : Clickable elements too close together
Error : Content wider than screen

It’s related to mobile usability issues, I opened this topic if someone is available to discuss the issues, maybe we can find a solution how to resolve it, what do you think?

Thank you!

Hello R

thank you for the question
This is all about how you use the theme, you can create full responsive and 100% W3 valid page that will pass any google page test including mentioned by you and you can also build the page that will break any rules of the web standard :slight_smile: so, this is all about how you use the theme and how you build pages

I’m using the theme using the default settings, just modified the content.

The question is how to improve, or how to make it standard , more looking for a suggestion…

Can we see the website and the screenshot of the test?

Sending here an example

hey there

Sorry but I can’t find the page that is indicated on the screenshot, can you post it by URL? not screenshot

URL is here

any idea?

Good morning

This can be fixed but I need to know which elements are close together and which content is wider than the screen,

Hi Noda,
Google only says here the details:

Another example, I noticed today browsing my website from mobile looks quite bad the title header, example image below

Good morning

Title - as i/we can see title is pretty long, there is no physical space in the header to house such a long title, even if we decrease the font size for mobile screens there is no more room to fit it, this css will make some changes:

.navbar-brand {
padding: 15px 0px;

google - create one blank test page and pass it to google test, let me know results

Thank you Noda,
I tried with different px values in the padding but on mobile looks still the same. I was wondering if using an image as header will probably be better

Good evening

Yes, because this text is not suitable for logo text, its long and there is no enough space,
Not sure if the image is a good idea either but if you make it smaller this may work, you can try it out