New Problems with editor/ margins/ button widget?

hey folks…hope your all well…

getting new problems with WP page editing tools, headings widget, margins, button etc. It may be to do with latest updates/ PHP? I can get around a bit of it using classic editor…but lots of mucking round…

thoughts? see pic below…cheers - ro :slight_smile:

Hi there

Please provide a direct link to this page,


her you go :slight_smile:

Hi Roro

Try this css code and let me know results:

.wp-block-button {
background: #000;
display: inline;
padding: 15px 20px;
border-radius: 22px;
.wp-block-button a {
color: #fff;


Thanks - thats better - its ‘buttonised’ the button part. still…its aligned to the left still in the website. Having alot of troubles with lots of editing tools last week or so…there must be others with same feedback? see pic…ta! ro :slight_smile:


So, you want the button to be center alligned??

hello! hows u?

yes - if i can have the button centre aligned …and the text centre aligned? But…I have to go through and fix all these new errors…due to these glitches…when im hoping the glitch will be fixed and that will automatically reset/ cancel my errors?

ro :slight_smile:


Well, I see the layout of the page is now changed, I cant see those cards anymore, is this how you want to have them?


like i said before…the page is defintely better (button has a surround)…but the button and the text are both aligned LEFT still…can we centre it?


ro :slight_smile:


You can use this code:

.has-text-align-center, {
text-align: center;


now…only thing that is still aligned left is some titles. see pic. any help with that please?

this is alot of corrections. surely I am not the only one going thru this? shouldnt this be a update/ fix?



That’s how I see it, its already centered: Screenshot by Lightshot

hello! cheers 4 reply…

definitely not centered alas…if you scroll down this page below:

ro :slight_smile:

hm… screenshot is from different page?

try this code:

figure.aligncenter.size-large img {
display: block;
margin: 0 auto;

ah great! looks like its worked!


um - so when i add this code to either custom CSS or additional CSS in the : appearance > customise option…does that apply that code to ALL the website…or just the page that I am on at the time? eg. should that align ALL text to the middle? ro :slight_smile:


Css code added in the Customizer will be applied to all your pages :slight_smile:

ah ryte. thought so…

is there something wrong with my website/ theme when I have these errors? are these errors common?

te - ro :slight_smile:

Which errors? where?

Please always provide necessary info :slight_smile: