New Update Ruined My Site!

The new plugin update for Shapely Companion completely ruined the home page of my site!!! Is there any way to revert back? I thought I might just be able to go back and add the same images to the widgets but the widgets are now completely changed as well! Please tell me there is a way to fix this.

I have a backup of my site, but if making this update crashed the site - I assume I should under no circumstance update this plugin? and keep using the older version? OR is there a way to update the shapely companion widget plugin without ruining my homepage? thanks

Hello James,

Sorry for the inconvenience, can you explain to us what is happening ? Can you provide an URL to the broken site ?

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I already backed up the site, but earlier today when I updated the shapely companion plugin, the whole front page of my site was gone EXCEPT for the portfolio section and the footer! When I went to dashboard and checked the “widgets” section, as expected, everything was GONE except for the portfolio widget which was still appearing on home page.

Please advise if the update will be fixed so I can update it OR if I should just keep on using he older version?

To be honest, I am a little confused because I backed my site up to a point in time one week ago and all is working after I did that, however the shapely companion IS actually showing I am using version 1.2.0? Very strange considering it wrecked my front page and when I reverted back to my old site, the “newer” shapely companion is still there? Hope I am explaining this correctly. ALSO, all of the sudden my portfolio images are very blurry but will post a separate topic for that. thank you

Thak you for your detailed response.

Are you using a Child Theme?

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I installed the new version of shapely companion and it fu**ed up my site and all my work!

Please give me a solution I´m desperate! I lost weeks of work thanks to that S**T.

What can I do? I need to put it all together. It also doesen´t let me copy the DEMO F*****G content!





Can you please give us your website’s URL ?
Have you updated the theme to the latest version: 1.2 ?

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Can you please give us access to your website in order to investigate ? Please mark the reply as private.

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Yes I have installed the new SHAPELY from WP and the version is correct (Check the attachment). I also re installed the Theme too.

The URL is:

Now I don´t see nothing of all my work done. I lost it ALL!!!



I don’t think you have the companion plugin installed. Can you please go to Plugins and check if you have installed and activated the Shapely Companion plugin? The widgets are coming from that plugin and this is why you have nothing on your homepage.

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I am trying to install that deamn Shapely Companion plugin, but IT DOESENT INSTALL IT!..

Please look a the pictures attached.


Do you have another source where to install it, that is not your COLORLIB UNRECOMMENED ACTIONS??


HELL! I have to install them from the WP PLUGIN manager!

Ok I´ve installed all plugins.

NOW! how to Import Shapely demo content and widget content.

Please advise.


Can you create an user for us in order to import for you the demo content ? Please mark the reply as private.

Thank you.

for - yes I am using a child theme. does that help an explanation you may have?