Newbie - carousel

Hi I am a total Newbie to Wordpress and have just downloaded instant wordpress so I can work on at my own pace. Have downloaded the unite theme and have made a few changes following some very helpful posts in this section. However , I am stumped as to how to create a carousel for my home page and add the images.
Do you have a step by step guide for dummies please .

I’m going to try to help you out, belle.

I found the info below from the Documentation. I think it pretty much explains how to set up the slider/carousel. I hope that helps!

Unite theme for image slider relies on CPT Bootstrap Carousel. It is a Bootstrap based slider which is specially styled for this theme, however, you can feel free to use any slider.

Install CPT Bootstrap Carousel if you haven’t already.
Add new Carousel via WordPress dashboard – Carousel – Add New.
The main thing here is to properly set Title, Featured Image and Content itself as it will be shown in slider.
You can create as many slides as you want and point them to any Post/Page or any other external resource by setting “Image URL” in the right side of the Carousel Edit Screen.
Now copy paste this [image-carousel twbs=“3”] shortcode into any Post/Page to display all previously created slides.
For mode advanced setup and multiple slider setup you can refer to Plugin Documentation.