Newspaper X and WordPress 5.0.?

Will Newspaper X work with WordPress 5.0.Gutenberg?
Thank you.

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The theme will work on WordPress 5.0 but there may be issues with Gutenberg and some third party plugins.

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Dear Support.
thanks for calming down, but that is still quite unprecise. The question is, if the pages and articles will remain in their structure. Sure we have to check the plugins and perhaps install the classic-editor.0.4-Plugin for future actions, but will the current layout be destroyed?
Please take a look in the crystal ball …

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Dear @christianek thank you for your sarcastic reply :slight_smile:
“if the pages and articles will remain in their structure” - teme will be 5.0 compatible for sure and compatibility means pages and posts structure will remain the same

Hi Noda,
I didn’t want to be sarcastic, really not, but need to tell my client full facts. “Compatible for sure” is fabulous.
Thanks again and have a nice week ?

thank you to buddy, we are working really hard to make our all themes compatible with a new version of the WordPress, this is not an easy task takes big time, but for sure we will do :wink:
sorry if my answer was incorrect :frowning: