Newspaper X: Issues with featured images

Featured images are often displayed either blurred or not at all. I have tested the articles in question with other themes and they display them correctly. Here’s a link:

Have I overlooked something???

I forgot to mention that the issue mostly occurs when you click on the frontpage snippet and open the full article.

Hmmmm… One solution is apparently to scale the pictures down. However, this works well on the frontpage, but not on the article pages. There, the featured image appears pixellated. There must be another way to solve this…

try to deactivate the banner in the homepage. In customization -> banner settings, I had the same problem e this worked perfectly.

Thanks, deactivating the banner has certainly improved matters. Featured images do still seem to load slowly, though.

Arghhh, deactivating the banner also means that adsense is deactivated. Is there really no other solution?

Okay, my bad. Adsense was the culprit. Or, more precisely, I made a dumb mistake. The adsense code I copied and pasted was not complete, I hadn’t noticed that the closing bracket of the </ins> tag was missing. Added it, and everything works fine.

Hey there,

I’m glad you got that figured out.
Let us know if you have any more issues.

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