NewspaperX WP Conversion Help?

Hi! I am not a techie. I would like to convert my existing WordPress/Genesis/Prose site to NewspaperX, but I don’t have the skills necessary. My site is which has over 600 posts. What do non-techie people do for assistance for this type of project? Is there a ColorLib NewspaperX experts squad that I could pay to do this type of conversion? How do I contact them?

Cheers & Thanks for any help! Jan

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Actually, we do not offer that service, however we can assist you with information regarding installing the theme and ensuring it works correctly.

As it stands, you do not need to transfer over your posts or pages because once you install the Newspaper X theme
the content will still be there but the difference is that the appearance of the website will change.

Here is a link to our tutorials for the theme:

Please create a backup of your theme to ensure your website is safe:

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