No access to website dashboard after activating Illdy theme!!!

Hi there,

I downloaded Illdy theme from my Wordpress dashboard, installed it, activated (better i didn’t do this!) and now I can’t even access my WordPress dashboard. The only thing I keep getting is white page with this:

Warning: require_once(D:\Hosting\7915307\html\circle/wp-content/themes/illdy/inc/components/entry-meta/ [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in D:\Hosting\7915307\html\circle\wp-content\themes\illdy\functions.php on line 26

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘D:\Hosting\7915307\html\circle/wp-content/themes/illdy/inc/components/entry-meta/’ (include_path=’.;C:\php5\pear’) in D:\Hosting\7915307\html\circle\wp-content\themes\illdy\functions.php on line 26

How can I access my website WordPress dashboard now???
Or how I can delete this theme? Because I tried to delete via my FTP manager but the message appeared: “You don’t have access”.

Hello Kat,

Have you managed to move forward with the installation or at least get your dashboard back?

If not, please add me on Skype (Ion Rutz) so I can guide you to it in the shortest time.

Since the issue is quite strange, I don’t know exactly what went so horribly wrong, but I suspect that it might be related to old PHP version, so maybe you can make sure that you are using at least PHP 5.4.24 on your server, before anything else.

Sorry for the trouble!

Kind regards

Hi Ion,

I found the solution on the Internet. I renamed the Illdy theme folder in my FTP Manager, so Wordpress activated default theme instead of Illdy. Therefore, I got my dashboard back.


Hello Kateryna,

That’s great news, I’m happy that you got it fixed.

Have you revisioned the PHP version and gave the theme another try, is it working alright now?

Let me know about it!

Sorry for the trouble so far.

Actually no, we changed our plans and proceeded with the same theme we have for our domain. The website we are creating now is a subdomain.