No extra options like in the documentation

I downloaded and installed this theme. I have looked through the documentation. I do not see all the options to customize.

Customize > About Section > no “Front page about side bar”

Just goes straight to the General setting for the about section.

I watched: 4. How to Configure About Section on your documentation page…

This does this on all sections: About, Projects, Testimonials, etc.

Steps I tried to resolve:

  1. Download latest ZIP and took files and overwrote via FileZilla the files I have on my site.
    Result: No improvement
  2. Got prompted to update to: 1.0.35
    Result: No improvement

What do I do? Is there something missing?

Same with me :frowning: Please, help us!

i need to configurate my site.


First of all, sorry for any kind of trouble created, but due to some awesome new changes with the theme, the documentations video got outdated and we still have to update those to meet the latest version.

For the time being, you should first head over to Dashboard > Appearances > About Illdy and make sure that you have no errors in the Attention Needing panel.

With this in mind, it seems the current issue is that you have missed installing the requested plugin Illdy Companion that will get you access to all the section widgets in Dashboard > Appearances > Customize > Widgets.

Let me know if you all got this alright.

Best regards