No full post, only summary

Hi, I noticed that the Dazzling theme shows only a summary on the front page, not the full text. In Sparkling I can adjust that in the theme. In Dazzling I can’t find that option. How can I change from summary to full text?

Hi @josf,

Please go in Appearance > Settings > and select For each article in a feed, show full text.



Hi Cristian, I think I miss something. In Appearance I have no settings. Default WP install, no modifications, only Dazzling + child theme installed.
In Posts I removed the tag for excerpt. In Settings > Reading I set it to Full Text.

Thanks for your very fast reply!


After you did all of these, still nothing appears?



Yes, no results. I can’t find your Appearance > Settings. It’s not in the theme, and not in WP. (4.7 version)

Send us in a private message your website, a wp admin and a wp password.



I have exactly the same problem, the posts page will only show the first few lines of the post and then a ‘continue reading’ button. How do I get to show the full post?

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Hey @justinmoore,
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In order to do this, you’ll need to edit your content.php file.

Should be accessible in Appearance > Editor.

Once you’ve accessed the file, you’ll need to go to line 49 and 52 and replace the_excerpt with the_content, then add the following code to your Additional CSS (Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS): {
    display: none!Important;

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks that does help. However, one related question now is how I get the posts on the blog page to be full width, as they would have appeared if you had clicked a ‘read more’ link through to the individual posts page.

So the posts on the blog currently look like this Blog – Development Monitor

But I would prefer them to look like this Development Monitor launches financial flows dashboard – Development Monitor

Thanks again!

Hi there,
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Kindly add and save the following code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:
I tested it on the blog post your example.

/*blog post fullwidth*/
.blog div.entry-content .col-sm-6{
  width:100% !important

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