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I have just done a 1and1 health check on my website and it has come up with “no page description on website”.
Also my site comes up as “Homepage - The sewing machine doctor”

How can i get the page description to read and how do i get rid of “Homepage” before title?


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You will have to use the Yoast SEO plugin to edit the page description and title.

Here is a link to the plugin and a blog post explaining what to do:

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thank you for the link and i have had a look. What would i put as the title as my company name comes after the hyphen?
That makes it a bit clearer but another problem that i have is that i am confused with the content that i add/change through my Illdy template and the information that can get entered through wordpress on my “home” page. Basically i have entered copy on my website using the illy template but if i then go through wordpress to my “home” page there is no type there. Yoast is telling me i don’t have keywords, enough text etc etc but there is nothing on this "home"page that relates to the information that i have entered when customising the Illdy template.
Am i doing something fundamentally wrong?


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Your question has been answered in the other ticket that you have opened.

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