No Slider Categories available

Thanks again for this wonderful theme.

I’ve setup the homepage slider and it is operational; showing the featured picture of the first three most recent posts. However I am unable to choose a category to select which featured pictures are shown. The drop down list for slider is blank and I currently only have two categories; “Uncategorized” and “Slider”. Hoping you may have a solution or possibly direct me to where I can hard code the category field.


Slider users WordPress post Categories and this article should give you an idea how to use them for your blog in general and slider images.

Thanks for the response. I’ve categorized the posts of which featured image I’d like as part of the slider. Though the category drop down is still blank and even the default ‘Uncategorized’ option is not available. However I’ve noticed the Slider categories post count is still at 0 in Wordpress even though there are 3 post categorized as slider. May be an issue with my Wordoress install.


Could you please post your website URL for review?