No Spaces Between Paragraphs


Last question now! Sorry for the multiple threads but was told to keep my questions separate :slight_smile:

I had spaces between paragraphs in my about page but when published, the spaces between paragraphs disappeared but in the edit box it still shows the entered space?

How do I get the spacing back correctly?


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Your about page seems spaced out correctly.
Can you provide me with a screenshot of how it looks in the editor so I can see the difference you’re referring to?

Also you can try this, in the editor, add an extra space. I you’re using shift+enter to create a space, don’t do this.

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See attached. There’s entered space between the lines but it’s not showing up when posted.


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When editing the text, use the text mode and check for html div tags.
If it is that you copied and paste the text from somewhere else div tags get generated.
See the screencast that I made below using the text from your website.

After removing the html tags, switch back to the visual editor and make your text format changes.

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Thank you very much! The video was EXTREMELY helpful.

You are always welcome here :slight_smile: