Non widget content in sidebar


First of all congratulations on the A+ theme !

I have a question is it possible to use non-widget content in the sidebar ?

This because in my site i’m using an map (nomad world map plugin) that i can display using shortcodes.
I would like to display a small map with my current (last post) location in the sidebar (->this can be set in the shortcode)

So I just need to find a way to enter the shortcode in the sidebar, but i only seem to be able to add widgets.

kind regards,

You can use “Text” widget for that. As long as this plugin supports sidebar widgets to display content, it should work. The same text widget can be used for Adsense and other banners as well as any text and HTML code.

Thanks for the quick reply!
I’ve got it to work,

had to add: add_filter(‘widget_text’, ‘do_shortcode’);
to functions.php too however to get the shortcodes to work.

but works fine now