not displaying correctly on mobile


On my mobile iPhone XR the site does not display correctly. Logo, header, images are all stretched vertically.

Can you have a look please.

Many thanks

I have attached a photo.

Logo and header to long.

Image with text is cropped:/

Any help appreciated


Hey there

Is it fixed? please check screenshot attached, there is no problem on your website

I had an someone look at it and add additional css.

I still have this issue see photo. It is intermittent:/

No still no fixed, still have issues as above

Hi the background image on most of my pages of is also too small. :confused: not sure what is up:/

See photo and link

Good morning

Please try different setting for your image, try to use cover mode when the image is covering fullscreen
Regarding Logo, i tried it from different phones and i don’t have the same problem, it’s perfectly displayed