Not showing header correct on iPhone.


My website is

I can’t seem to figure out why on iPhone’s the header doesn’t show correctly.

I’ve attached an image showing how it shows on iPhone.

Thank you!


Can you please clear out what is not displaying alright?

Are you referring to the spacing between the header and the jumbotron text?

Let me know more about it.


The background header image doesn’t show on iPhone. It’s just a dark grey image.

This is quite strange, I’ve never seen the issue here on forum before and for now I’m missing the means to debug this.

I will start an investigation in the shortest time and let you know more about the outcome.

Until further news, can you please provide me more details about what operating system you are using and the browser name and version?

Sorry for the trouble.


Doesn’t display right on my iPhone or any iPhone I’ve been able to test it on. It’s the latest iOS update.