not work section of your portfolio after you install the latest version 1.0.32

Hi! Installed it on clean Wordpress theme installer in the admin panel. Faced with the problem of configuring the portfolio. In theme options asks to install Jetpack and activate portfolios and testimonials. They are active. Reviews have appeared, but do not want to work portfolio. Category Projects and Portfolio tried. There is no result. On the main page, highlight some figures. A screenshot is attached. Circled those numbers in red

I want to see on your demo site the same problem :slight_smile:

Hello @denn,

Please excuse any inconvenience created, we are just investigating the issue and I’ll return with more information in the shortest time.

Sorry for the trouble!

Best regards

thank you very much for the reply. Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

thanks for the quick fix. I would like to see fixes in the “Services”. In theme options there is no change of the unit name. Also, missing configuration of the contact form. No add-ins, change the text field “Phone” and “Email”

I suspect that you still need to install the required plugin Illdy Companion.

Let me know more about it.


this plugin I have installed. version 1.0.4

You also need to go to JetPack > Settings and activate the custom post types at the end of the settings.


all these functions are activated

Hello @denn,

Can you please clue me in what kind of information you are still missing?

I just got aware that the services and testimonials section title is missing the information from the Customizer, so a new update should follow to take care of this, so please excuse the trouble.

On top of this, are you encountering any other issues that I can look into and clear out if there’s anymore problems with the theme?

Let me know more about it.