Nothing saves and publishes in theme

Good day and thanks for this beautiful theme!

I am in the process of editing the services section of the theme and when i try to replace the default theme title or entry content with my own i am unable to save and publish. when i click save and publish the icon keeps rotating but eventually doesn’t save anything i also noticed this behaviour in the skills section leading me to believe it may be a ‘theme-wide’ issue. i am using the latest build of illdy theme version 1.0.34.

thanks in anticipation of a speedy response.

Hello @blogcontentfactory,

I suspect that you have some errors on the page and that’s why you cannot save corectly the information.

To confirm this, please right click the page preview in customize > inspect element > console.

Based on this, you might need to disable some plugins and give it another try.

If nothing works, please consider to provide me temporary admin dashboard access via a private message so I can have a live investigation of your issue.

Best regards

thanks for your response, i have deactivated all the plugins on the site and still cannot save and publish my changes.
the generated admin access credentials are as follows:

username : illdy
password : correcting12errors34

thanks again.

sorry the website is


I managed to login alright, thank you for the access.

I also see that you have build your website alright, and I can save just alright new information, so let me know if you still require my assistance with anything.

Kind regards