Now the captcha plugin is broken and i cant enter my site - really urgent

Can someone please help? I’ve left a number of support requests for different things that are now not working on my website since the upgrade.

The latest thing is the captcha plugin. It was working yesterday. Today, the captcha on login does not display so I can’t access the backend of my site.

This means that I can’t add content nor can I try to put right the other issues that have been caused following the upgrade.

Can someone please, please help me urgently?




The ticket is in resolved status, is this fixed?

If not, can you give us more clarity about the issue, can you link us which plugin, and also what exactly is not working? So that it is easy for us to check in our installation, and if there is an issue we can help you to fix it.

Let us know,


Hi Laranz

Yes it is, after a couple of days it just started working again! Unfortunately the things on the other support threads are unresolved :frowning:



Glad it works :slight_smile:

Already answer all questions :wink:

Let us know if you have any other questions in a separate thread.