Older Posts Long Horizontal Bar Isn't On My Sparkling Theme

Hi! First off, I just want to say that I love the Sparkling theme a lot!

I installed the Sparkling theme just yesterday, May 22, through my WordPress dashboard. I’m noticing that my site http://mikeposnerhits.com doesn’t have the same long, horizontal “Older Posts” bar on the front, home page below the 1st set of posts like the demo has. Instead, my site only has the short “Older Posts” button below the first set of posts on the front, home page. When clicking on the short “Older Posts” button on my site, it opens up to page 2. But, the long horizontal “Older Posts” bar on the demo opens more posts fast and easy, they like slide in on the page. I’d really like to know how can I get the same horizontal “Older Posts” bar on my site that the demo has. I really like it, my previous theme had the same long, horizontal bar like the Sparkling demo has, so I’ve had it before. I really want to get it, if it’s possible. Plese let me know how.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


This button is powered by plugin called Jetpack and you can download it from WordPress.org and you will have to enable module called Infinite scroll. Of course you can find it via WordPress dashboards as well.

This will make your page navigation buttons to look exactly like in theme demo.

Thank you for informing me. I will definitely download that plugin. I’ve actually heard lots of great things about Jetpack, and I’ve been interested in some features that I’ve read about. I’ll download it later on today. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Yes, I highly recommend to use Jetpack since it has many awesome features. For example you can look at Sparkling Gallery which is entirely powered by Jetpack plugin.

I’m downloaded and installed JetPack, but there isn’t module, called Infinite scroll at all. What Should I do?

My site:

Thx a lot for Your help!

I’m sorry. Thay translated Infinite scroll too “Бесконечная прокрутка” in Russian.
But I stiLL have some bugs on my site:

When I’m clicking on Older Posts my posts are duplicated, some of them looks terrible. What can I ddo whith that?

Sincerely, Victor Pashinsky