One misterious thing happening into my homepage

I have set up a video as a jumbotron, it works fine on a PC and tablet, it does not work on mobile devices.
Why? I have even tried using a youtube link, same issue

Also, how can I make stop instead of playing again?

Hey there

Umberto, I already posted an answer on this question in one of the ticket where you posted this problem :slight_smile:

Hello Noda,
if you refer to this

it is not the same problem.
Here the video is not visualized at all when in smartphone resolution…
Please provide the link of the post you are referring to.

Hello Noda,
I know you are very busy, but please check this case out when you have a minute.
I have gone through your forums and still I have not been able to resolve this issue.
The video is properly loaded in a PC (even when I simulate a mobile resolution), however if I try to load the home in a cell phone, NO way
I even tried loading the same video from YouTube, same issue. (if you want to test it yourself you can use: or any other)
I even tried loading a different video, same issue.
I even tried loading a diffent video format (mov instead of mp4), same issue.
I even tried clearing the cache on the cell phone, same issue.

I really have no idea why this is happening and have no direction to resolve this.
After all it is just a simple video, greatly loaded in a pc device, so why not i a cell phone?!?!?!?
Could you please check this out and let me know.
The video is in the homepage jumbtron section.
Thanks, in advace,
KInd regards,

the direct link to access the site is the following:

Hi Umberto

I just checked it and looks like Video is not supposed to show on the mobiles, HTML outroot is even not rendering when you load site on the mobile, so, this is is how developer coded it and there is nothing we can do without customization of the template, there id nos default option to change this

That is just amazing, it definitively shows Illdy is an obsolete theme I am afraid.
Also considering new feature requests are closed for this theme.
That is a shame because the Theme is great and still very modern…

Anyway, thank you for your support, Noda.
Kind regards,
Umberto De Domenico

Thank you for understanding, unfortunately, there is nothing I can do for you

Have a nice week