Opacity of color box behind text in slider

Hello Colorlib,

First: THANK YOU for a GREAT (!) free theme! I really appreciate it.

I am working on a school project at: justunitecyprus.se

Just started today and ran in to a little problem: when I change the default color of the text box behind the title text on the slider. (Theme Options → Main → Element color). Then the opacity if that color field dissapears… I really like how the opacity looks there. Is there any way to get that back?

Thank you for beeing awesome!

Opacity is lost because WordPress built-in color picker does not support RGBA colors that are used for opacity. We have set opacity for default color but then whatever color you will lose you will lose opacity with it.

To fix this you have can add this color code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS.

.flex-caption h2 {
    background: rgba(241, 172, 46, 0.7);

It is the same color code you are using now for your theme but with RGBA style and 0.7 opacity.

Aaaa I see, great! Looks much better! Thank you!!