Ordered license

Hi, I ordered a license and not received anything from support?

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Thanks for reaching out to us.

Kindly let me know, are you having some pending support issue? Do let me know more on where you are stuck so that I may be able to advise further.

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Hi, I wanted to get access to the theme which was a directory. Trying to find the name now, I ordered a license but not sure how the license works? I thought it meant we got access to one theme.

I got Single Template License , not sure how I get my template?

Thanks for the follow-up.

There is no separate file to download, theme files are the same and you can download from the public page where you purchased template license, by purchasing license you are purchasing rights to remove the footer credit and not a different product, the template is absolutely same

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Was this one the Dorne one.

Where is the download page for the Dorne one, does this mean I can make changes to the template with license?

Found the page, I thought the license allowed us to edit the template?

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No, the license is only for rights to remove footer credit, other than this template is absolutely same

So the template cannot be edited? If not then there’s no need for the license and would like a refund.

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“So the template cannot be edited?” - Of course, you can edit the template, you are free to edit every corner of the template, but in order to edit footer credit you need a license for this, this is why you need to have a license

I would like a refund for the license’s I ordered. I was under the impression that it would give me access to all the website templates. Since I still have to purchase the site and don’t need an “all license”. I would appreciate it if my funds could be returned. Thank you.

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@pcbeneby - even without licensees you are able to use any template, the license is only for removing footer credits from the templates. Use our contact page and get in touch with the financial department

I paid for Extended License for all Colorlib Website Templates but I only have access to the free templates. Are these the only ones I have access to or are the Premium Themes also part of the Extgended License package?

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