Override Function in Extras.php


Sorry for my bad English i’m french…
I use “Unite” Theme on a Wordpress 4.3 in French
Very Nice Theme and simple to use! i’like it :slight_smile:

I’ve make a Child Theme to customize (CSS, JS etc…) and i would like to Override a function
in inc/extras.php : function unite_woocommerce_menucart($menu, $args)

i’ve looks tutorial on this Forum :

I’ve used the If condition on my pasted function but when i saved my file
i’ve a white page…without nothing…

Is there a dependance on an other function in extras.php file ?

I just want to remove the link in the menu (WP NAV) and generate
a “cart link” who would be placed in another place of my layout.

Any idea ?
Thank’s for your help.

Hi @prographik,

I hope you are well today.

I was just checking some old threads and came to your this thread.

Do you still need assistance regarding this question?

Please advise.

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